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What We Do

Knowledge Management

Collaboration requires knowledge sharing. Say goodbye to clunky shared drives, searching through old emails, and begging on listservs. For a preview of the Torchlight approach to knowledge management, check out our Country Conditions Wiki and Mapping the Law projects.

Multidisciplinary Networks

Legal advocacy depends on more than just lawyers. We are building a world-wide network of volunteers and professionals from a myriad of fields. Connecting attorneys with a multidisciplinary network means lawyers spend more time serving clients. Check out our pilot project, the Torchlight Global Language Bank.

Collaborative Case Management

Working with multidisciplinary teams—what design thinkers call “radical collaboration”—can create a lot of logistical challenges. Torchlight is working to build a soup-to-nuts collaborative work environment that will streamline volunteer and collaborator on-boarding, training, and workflow management.

Justice Projects

At Torchlight Legal, we believe in “Trickle-Up Innovation.” We recognize that designing for social good leads to truly disruptive innovation. Anyone can join a Justice Project and help us close the access to justice gap. Learn more about the justice issues we support.

Torchlight Legal is working to build a world-wide network of volunteer and professional translators who can make sure language barriers never stand in the way of justice.

Pro bono attorneys in immigration and refugee work rarely speak the native language of their clients. They often need language services, from in-person or phone-based interpreters to help with client interviews and meetings to volunteer translators who can help translate important client documents and statements for legal proceedings.

If you speak more than one language, sign up! We'll let you know when your skills are needed and help you find opportunities that fit your time constraints and skill level.

Our goal is to leverage the power of the crowd to collect a comprehensive starting point where attorneys can find and share important and up-to-date country conditions research for any case.

Because asylum-seekers must go through an individual legal adjudication to receive refugee status, their attorneys must compile comprehensive reports on current conditions in their home country. These extensive documents provide evidence of the political and social unrest in the countries they have fled. They also provide specific support for the specific cultural, geographic, and political realities that support individual asylum claims.

 Anyone who can google can contribute to this resource. If you are a student or professor, ask us about teaming up for a class project!

Why re-invent the wheel when we can share it?

Our Mapping the Law project is building a crowdsourced, visual map of asylum and refugee law. Designed with legal systems and strategies in mind, this unique project will make sure every attorney who steps up to help refugees and asylum-seekers will have instant access to the right statutes, regulations, and case opinions they need.

Most lawyers will tell you that immigration and refugee law is one of the most complex areas of law. Every case requires extensive legal research. At Torchlight Legal, we don’t think pro bono attorneys should spend precious time re-doing research that others have already done.

We are excited to partner with our friends at CaseText to to make all the world’s laws free and understandable.
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Team Members

Jennifer Gonzalez

Founder & CEO

Jennifer Gonzalez is an information designer, immigrant rights advocate, and social entrepreneur. As a public interest fellow at the NC Immigrant Rights Project, she assisted refugees fleeing gang and cartel violence in Latin America. Jennifer trained at Stanford’s Hasso Platter Institute for Design and was president of the Stanford Law and Visual Media Project.

Prior to her legal career, she was an award-winning teacher, trainer, and consultant in Washington, DC. In addition to her JD from Stanford Law School, Jennifer completed undergraduate and MA studies at Brigham Young University.

Rafael Baca

Advisor/Nonprofit Board Member
Managing Member at The R Baca Law Firm

Rafael Baca is U.S. Patent Attorney, Engineer, Businessman, Silicon Valley Start-up Founder, software developer, angel investor, as well as speaker and mentor, with personal interests in street photography and scuba diving.

Rafael received his JD and undergraduate degree from the University of New Mexico and is currently completing a master's of computer science.

Neil Devani

Advisor/Nonprofit Board Member
Investor and Advisor in Frontier Tech

Neil is an investor and advisor to frontier tech companies, including virtual reality, space technology, drones, digital health, financial technologies, and artificial intelligence. The son of immigrants, Neil has been a direct beneficiary of immigration and hope to share that with others through his work on Torchlight Legal.

Neil completed his undergraduate studies at the Pennsylvania State University, attended medical school at Drexel University College of Medicine, and has a JD from Stanford Law School.

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